Company Incorporations in the UAE

Make Dubai the home of your business

There are many compelling reasons for setting up a business in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), or for moving or expanding an existing business here, and Ruthberg LLC can support you whatever your needs.

Dubai is one of the seven emirates making up the UAE and its significance as a business hub is indisputable.

As a Dubai-based business, we work very closely with a number of entities within the UAE, including offshore jurisdictions, and we are able to advise you fully on this when you give us a call.

Why come to the UAE and Dubai in particular?

Over the past 40 years, Dubai has evolved into a leading business destination, nurturing innovators of the future and providing a gateway to fast-growing and emerging markets. We can offer expert, specialist advice on company incorporations in the UAE. Our team of commercial and corporate lawyers are adept at providing legal solutions to help you achieve your objectives.

What makes Dubai such a strategic location?

Here is an opportunity to take your business to an entirely new international level. You will have access to the markets of the Middle East, Asia, Africa and Europe. It’s within close reach of the Asian giants of China and India.

Pro-business governments

Legislation promotes the following:

* No corporate taxes
* No income taxation for business owners and company employees
* Simplified financial reporting – no need to carry out annual audits
* Protection of the interests of foreign business owners
* 10-year residence to investors.

Offshore companies

We are the go-to provider of legal support for the registration of offshore companies. Such companies can act as the holders of a local company, can purchase real estate within the country and carry on almost any business outside of Dubai.

Free Zones business

To attract foreign investment and boost the economy, free zones have been set up in Dubai which provide lucrative incentives for foreign nationals to set up their businesses in the emirate.

The incentives include:

* Full tax exemption – no corporate and personal income taxes
* Total absence of customs, duties and fees
* Possibility of 100 per cent foreign participation in the share capital of a company
* Free export of currency from the emirates to other countries
* Availability of total infrastructure – premises, land, connections, roads etc.

There are currently 30 free zones in Dubai that you can choose from to suit your needs. Along with the 10-year residency law, changes to UAE company ownership law come into effect this year making it the perfect time for foreign business owners to register and operate as a free zone company in the city.

To discover more, call our highly experienced commercial and corporate services team. We pride ourselves on our superior professional service which is geared towards you.