Real Estate and Conveyancing

Property Sales in Dubai

There are many laws and procedures to consider when selling a home, investment, or property in the UAE. Our experts have years of experience abiding with the ever-changing government regulations, requirements for foreign transfers, and the standard fees involved during a sale.

We will assist you every step of the way to ensure that the sale is conducted in a safe and timely manner.

      • Review and advise property transactions
      • Hold documents in Escrow
      • Manage regulatory requirements
      • Manage financing
      • Providing timely feedback
      • Calculating your “Settlement Statement”
      • Completing pre-transfer tasks
      • Title registration and transfer

UAE Property Visa Services

Ruthberg LLC’s team is experts at registering and completing the property visa process. Discover which visa suits you based on your age and investment size. Visas are available to individuals who have purchased a property greater than 750,000.00 AED and are renewable after their expiration.

Visa Type

      • Valid for 3 years (Required investment: 750,000.00 AED)
      • Valid for 5 years (Required age: 55 years, Required investment: over 1 million AED)
      • The Golden Visa – valid for 10 years (Required investment: over 2 million AED)

Sponsor Visa

  • Visa sponsorship is available to additional family members (child, spouse, parents, housekeeping), restrictions apply.

Property Gifting in Dubai

Transfer property to a relative by gifting it to them to reduce the costs of transferring the ownership of an asset.

If you move property within a family to a spouse or child, the Dubai Land Department may offer a discount in fees from 4% to 0.125% when moving property between individuals. This advantage also applies to the movement of assets across companies and individuals.

We will help you manage gifting, portfolio management, tax and early succession planning. Avoid the lengthy and complicated paperwork process with trusted professionals who will ensure your plans are followed through with ease.

If you plan to pass on, gift, or transfer any portion of your portfolio to your family or another company, please contact Ruthberg LLC to ensure you obtain the proper tax benefit or deduction available.


Specialists in Dubai Land Department

The Ruthberg LLC team has many years of combined experience with Dubai’s Land Department and its procedures. If your company requires paperwork submissions,  contact our team to get started.

Ruthberg LLC’s team of seasoned professionals will help your business stay in line with the processes and procedures of the Dubai Land Department. We’re here to help you accurately complete your paperwork so you can reach your desired outcome in a timely manner. 

We will assist you with: 

      • Locating and printing title deeds
      • Adding or deleting parking from the title deed
      • Incorrect title deed sizing 
      • Managing Ejari registration and IT matters 

UK Attestation Assistance

Ruthberg LLC can help you recover and attest original documents required for conducting business in the UAE.


  • Police conduct certificates
  • Marriage certificates
  • Birth certificates
  • Company documents
  • Other documents required by UAE institutions

These documents may be required by the Immigration department, Education department, and other UAE Government organisations.