Company Set Up

Forming your company incorporations in the UAE

Ranking within the top twenty Global Competitiveness Index areas and number one in the Arab World, the UAE is the prime destination for foreign investment and company incorporations in the Middle East. It has the second-largest Arab economy and extensive transport infrastructure connections that continue to develop by the day.

Forming your company incorporation in the UAE is possible by a wide range of methods available to foreign investors approaching Abu Dhabi or Dubai. Local rules and regulations surround each possibility, subtly different from neighbouring Oman, Qatar, and the GCC. However, with Ruthberg LLC by your side, we can help you to comply with local legalities and settle stably in the UAE.

Why Ruthberg LLC is the best fit for your company

With our expertise and years of experience in the industry, we can offer you comprehensive packages to ensure that your company incorporation in the UAE progresses smoothly and efficiently.

Here at Ruthberg LLC, we provide innovative company set-up strategies and solutions. Our goal is to guide creative entrepreneurs to develop their business ideas into operative and successful companies in the UAE.

We understand the complexities of government regulations and international standards in the Middle East. We are experts in the intricacies of the UAE market and we know how to catalyse company formation processes to deliver the best service for you and your company.

The Ruthberg LLC in-house specialist teams

When you work with Ruthberg LLC, you’ll understand that we take every element of the company incorporation forming process seriously. We staff dedicated specialist teams to accomplish even the most demanding set-up tasks promptly and effectively.

Every one of our departments is committed to reliable and efficient solutions. Our personalised services are tailored by our management teams with each individual client in mind so you know that, with Ruthberg LLC, you’re getting a solution crafted for you alone.

We can facilitate staff employment

On top of aiding you with the UAE company incorporation setup process, we also offer documentation processing for any company staff members. Ruthberg LLC will manage and organise the employment visa process for any employees so you don’t have to worry about the administration or delicate legal necessities.

Rely on us for a prompt and successful team transition.

The different types of company set up

Branch offices

Provided that a local service agent is appointed, a Branch Office in the UAE can be entirely foreign-owned. This makes it an enticing option to foreign investors because it means that a UAE Branch Office operates as an extension to the parent company registered elsewhere while being able to perform contracts and conduct its own activities related to the parent company.

Free zones

In the UAE, government bodies known as free zone authorities have the capacity to register and issue business licences to any non-resident companies. This means that corporate structures can have a physical presence in the UAE with access to prebuilt facilities, modernised registration services and administration.

Limited liability companies (LLCs)

These represent one of the most widespread and popular types of commercial entities established and operated from the UAE for entrepreneurs and corporations. Limited Liability Companies (LLCs) have the advantage of a prompt and simple setup process which comes with a wide range of business incentives.

LLCs are the generally preferred choice of corporations and entrepreneurs considering the UAE market because they are a great opportunity to establish commercial ties in the Middle Eastern region.

Professional service licences

Also known as civil companies, these sole trader or partnership businesses are directed towards professionals operating in recognised and established fields. These can include engineers, accountants, doctors, consultants, and lawyers.

People who have a professional service licence are only permitted to practice professional business and their company must be entirely owned by individual partners.

Trade representative offices

For foreign companies considering methods to increase exposure in the UAE market, trade representative offices can represent a valuable opportunity. These help to promote your company incorporation in the UAE by introducing your products to resident companies in a non-trading shop window capacity.