Corporate Services

Ruthberg LLC offers rapid and trusted access to top-quality corporate services, delivered by seasoned legal professionals with plenty of expertise in the field.

Corporate Advisory & Support Services

Ruthberg LLC works on a trusted partnership basis to provide the support you need. We work with overseas firms that need a transparent, secure and expert partnership on the ground, working with individual investors and businesses alike to help them form and deliver their business according to the local legal infrastructure.

Working in the background to help you deliver your goals, we support clients across all sectors and stages of their growth. Our team gives you total peace of mind that you are complying fully with all in-country legislation and corporate law, as well as all applicable labour laws. Safeguard your business and your reputation by choosing Ruthberg LLC as your corporate advisory and support service provider.

Corporate Governance

Working within your overseas market of choice, Ruthberg LLC also delivers corporate governance and advisory services, so that you are fully up to date and operating within the law, and according to local business guidelines. We can act as local General Managers or on a Power of Attorney basic for firms that have overseas entities, to ensure that the operation is running smoothly and in line with the goals of key stakeholders.

Legal Document Attestation Services

Many UK firms are keen to build their presence in the Middle East, and the UAE provides an enticing gateway to these rapidly-growing, lucrative markets. For UK businesses keen to operate in the region, we can help to secure necessary documentation and vias with legal document attestation services. This is a legal requirement that ensures all personal documentation and certificates, plus commercial evidence, is accurate and authentic. This service is required to set up a business, obtain a residential and/or employment visa and for many other types of paperwork. Our team covers them all.

Special Purpose Vehicles (SPVs) – ADGM/ DIFC

We offer expert advisory services for the creation of offshore, onshore and free zone enterprises, providing tailored advice to meet your unique needs and circumstances. We have particular expertise in setting up and operating Special Purpose Vehicles (SPV), Special Purpose Entities (SPE) and Special Purpose Companies (SPC) on behalf of businesses individuals and investment vehicles. Where required, these entities can be ring-fenced and bespoke, and Ruthberg LLC can fulfil a range of added-value functions, from providing local authorised signatory services to advice on corporate structuring and local partnership services.

Commercial Agency

For firms operating in the region with a local partner, we can provide a commercial agency service on a flexible, tailored basis to your foreign firm. This will ensure that you can sell and distribute products with ease in the region. Every product must be legally registered pre-sale, and we deliver local representation services, carrying out registration processes and necessary local administration support on the ground.

Engineering Classification

The Contractors and Consultants Classification process applies in Abu Dhabi for engineering consultancies and contracting companies, and it is designed to regulate and protect the industry. Furthermore, it ensures that all foreign and national businesses are fully capable of meeting their contractual obligations when tendering for work. The Classification Department assesses contracting firms before offering them approval to tender for work in the emirate. This is managed by a highly specific set of criteria that assesses the quality of work, financial standing, H&S compliance, number of staff, experience and more. We can support this entire process end to end, to ensure that your consultancy or contracting firm obtains the necessary permissions to tender for work.

SPC Approval

Similarly, if your firm is seeking to work in Abu Dhabi’s oil and gas sector, Ruthberg LLC can help you to obtain the necessary

Supreme Petroleum Council Approval (SPC Approval). Established in law in 1988, this law places the Council as the governing body for petroleum in Abu Dhabi. Businesses must apply for the SPC’s approval to get their trade licenses updated for Onshore and Offshore Oil & Gas Field & Facilities Services. Again, this is mandatory if your business is to deal with oil and gas firms in Abu Dhabi, regardless of your sector. We can support this entire process to ensure it is delivered smoothly and without delays.

CICPA Security Passes

CICPA (Critical Infrastructure & Coastal Protection Authority) security passes are required for access to the many restricted areas of Abu Dhabi, including field sites and ports. Every CICPA pass requires an individual application and is unique when granted. Ruthberg LLC can handle this complex administrative process end-to-end in a timely, streamlined fashion.

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